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Silvia Pinal speaks after the death of Ignacio López Tarso: “I thought it would last much longer”

This Saturday March 11, 2023, Ignacio Lopez Tarso he lost his life due to pneumonia that worsened, in addition to an intestinal inclusion. In this regard, your friend Silvia Pinal He had some emotional words for the lead actor, whom he remembers with great affection.

The first actress mourned the death of the protagonist of “Macario”, but assured that she has beautiful memories of the friendship they had and the great professional admiration she had for him.

Besides, Silvia Pinal confessed that she hoped López Tarso would live many more yearsalthough he acknowledged that he will always be in his memory for the friendly relationship they had.

“That I found out about a disaster, but well… it was a long way off, I thought it would last us much longer, it will always be in our hearts, Ignacio. When we would see each other, I don’t know if it’s a lot or a little, but we’re going to remind you of what or what, “said the famous.

Silvia Pinal is sad for her friend Ignacio López Tarso

Silvia Pinal acknowledged being sad about the death of Ignacio López Tarsodue to the friendship that led them to share personal and professional moments.

“I am sad because Ignacio was a great actor, a great friend and I had and will always have pleasant memories of him,” added the first actress.

In addition, the first actress said goodbye to the protagonist of “Macario” with a couple of photos that she posted on Instagram where they are together in their youth, and another more recent one, in tribute to her for her artistic career.

“We deeply regret the sensitive death of First Actor Ignacio López Tarso. We send our condolences to his friends and family. Rest in peace,” wrote Silvia Pinal at the bottom of the snapshots.

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