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Silvia Pinal regained access to her bank account after being prevented from using her savings

After the actress Silvia Pinal Hidalgo recently announced that the bank where she kept her savings prevented her from accessing her account to dispose of her moneyFinally managed to fix the problem.

As strange as it sounds, The figure of Mexican cinema and television was kept waiting for nearly two hours at the banking institution where he had his assets and since he apparently wanted to withdraw all his money, the employees prevented him from doing so despite having officially identified herself and carrying with her the documents that accredited her as the account holder.

In an arrogant attitude, the employees of the institution did not care that their account holder was 91 years old, nor did they care about the fact that he remained in a wheelchair.

However, the legend of entertainment in Mexico was accompanied by Efigenia Ramos, his personal assistant, as well as Luis Enrique Guzmán, his son, and the family’s driver, who testified to the inability of bank staff to resolve a request.

The bank’s argument was that the signature on the contract presented at the opening of the account was not the same as the one registered at that time.

In this regard, Mrs. Pinal’s assistant blamed the inexperience of the bank staff for not knowing how to deal with an otherwise understandable situation, since the physical condition of the actress is not the best.

“The problem is that there are many young people who are in the bank, pure millennials who do not know how to treat the elderly,” he said.

For his part, Enrique Guzmán Pinal was also upset by the lack of sensitivity shown towards his mother.

“They have her there in front of her and they are still asking her for identification, after identification. You have Mrs. Silvia Pinal in front of you, ”she indicated.

In the end, Once she managed to access the account, the actress herself asked to transfer all her savings to another bank where they had greater criteria to attend to it at the moment that it requires to dispose of a part or all of its patrimony.

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