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Signs to Know When It’s Time to Replace the Mattress

There comes a day when your mattress sinks, the springs have burst, you sleep and wake up with a sore back, isn’t it true. Know that these are just some of the many signs that it’s time to change the old mattress for a new and comfortable one and stop having sleepless nights.

And if you want to understand the signs to change your mattress, in this article below we explain a little more about this subject, in detail!

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Know when it’s time to change your mattress

Have you ever felt that when you wake up in the morning, you wake up tired, exhausted and full of terrible back pain, and that feeling that you are not sleeping as you should.

He even started having bouts of rhinitis that same night, be careful, after all, these and other ignored problems could actually be the “other” signs that you urgently need to change your mattress, in order to guarantee a peaceful night’s sleep.

Below check out the clues that your mattress gives you, it needs to be changed!


Among the main factors we have allergy crises in the first place, after all, an old mattress carries countless mites, and other parasites such as fungi and molds that cause both allergic rhinitis and topical skin allergies, for example.

There are even cases of bedbug infestation in mattresses and for those who don’t know, they suck human blood and can cause both illness and huge injuries.

Also considering that the older your mattress is, the greater the possibility of it having these types of hosts among the sponge fibers, after that, only replacing it with a new mattress definitively solves the problem.

surface with ripples

You’ve already gone through that very classic moment in which your mattress has more sunken parts, others normal, full of ripples. Know that at this moment the wear of this piece is defined, being an important factor in changing your mattress for a better one.

Even because mattress surfaces, when they become irregular, harm the spine and it becomes almost an impossible mission to find a comfortable sleeping position, these being the crucial points that many people complain about waking up with a lot of pain in their lower back.

Springs that make noises

Yes, this is the most common sign of someone who has an old mattress with serious wear on the product’s internal springs. And when you start to notice that these noises are frequent and there are parts of the mattress that are higher, others with hardened springs, remember that it may be the right time to change the product.

Sleeping a lot and waking up tired

This phenomenon called “I slept a lot but it seems I slept little” It could be a problem with your mattress. After all, if your mattress is not good enough to rest and relax your body, you will hardly wake up ready for a new day of your routine, and nothing can be more exhausting than sleeping a bad night and then having to wake up and work tired.

Also considering that this is one of the signs that your mattress may be getting old, it must be changed so that the nights well slept become reality again.

We also emphasize that this same tip applies to “too hard” mattresses, after all, they also affect sleep.

Consider your mattress weather

The mattress, like every product, has a time of use, an expiration date, since it is made of materials that wear out over time. Bearing in mind that a mattress lasts an estimated time of 7 to 10 years, the durability time also decreases when only foam is used in the product’s composition, so it will have an average validity of 5 years.

Therefore, theexpiration date” of your mattress is a primordial detail. And of course, if you have a pure foam mattress with, for example, 8 years of use, you can consider right now, that it can and should be changed as soon as possible.

Time to change the mattress: Make the right choice with these tips!

Once you have noted the “most fundamental clues” as to why you should change your mattress.

Now we have separated a very practical and detailed list so that you can make the perfect choice when buying a new mattress for your home. consider these tips following when purchasing:

  • If you are in doubt between spring mattresses or foam mattresses, know that their qualities and even prices are divergent, While Foam mattresses are cheaper and last less spring mattresses are more expensivebut on the other hand, they have materials that guarantee greater durability, remember that.
  • Never buy a mattress without looking at important weight and height points, after all they are crucial factors for you to have comfort sleeping on it. So you will be able to perfectly choose the correct model according to your body density and in a personalized way.
  • Note the most important differences regarding the coating of your mattress. After all, many are made of different materials and coated with fabrics that tear, stain and can break easily. More resistant pieces are made in mesh, usually with agglomerated fibers that are fixedly placed in textile processes. The tip is to evaluate very well before choosing the mattress and keep an eye on the coating.
  • Doing the mattress test, visiting the store and resting a few 20 minutes on it, without a doubt it can be very relevant to see if you really want to take the mattress home and if you found it to be comfortable.
  • Choose mattresses with quality seals from inmetro and remember that a cheaper mattress is not always worth it, after all up front the “cheap” can be expensive, and with less than 2 years you may have to change the mattress again, due to the poor quality of the product. So stay tuned!

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