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Sign in times of coronavirus

The changes generated by the coronavirus pandemic on a global scale have forced us to rethink many of the activities that were daily and to which we had become accustomed. It’s not just about our care, the way we shop at the market or the pharmacy. All work scenarios have also had to adapt to new dynamics, many of which were previously unknown. The issue of time registration of workers, at a time when mobility was transformed, has become a challenge for many companies.

It is not only about maintaining efficiency standards in daily work, but also about complying with current labor regulations that require companies to record daily hours of their workers. Methodologies that had been routinely implemented for this purpose, such as fingerprint signing, have been discarded and prohibited by the Ministry of Health, as they represent risks of contagion.

However, new forms have been developed that represent an option for companies to comply with the regulation of time control of their workers. This results in more efficient management control, as well as correct payment for time worked. Time recording systems such as the employee clocking machine have been a real solution in this regard.. But how to materialize the effective and accurate record of hours in a time when many people are working from home, in constant mobility, or we add temporary workers? Let’s discover the different possibilities that are at the service of modern companies and their collaborators.

How to record working hours in times of coronavirus?

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The creation of a versatile system developed by Labor Control allows companies to maintain efficiency in the time records of each of their employees, guaranteeing full compliance with regulations, and keeping your human resources area up to date in the event of any inspection. Some of the innovative methods that allow us to fully comply with this task are the following:

  • clocking machine: It is a modern biometric machine that you can easily install at some point in the company, and that Efficiently records the access and exit time of each employee. It is not necessary for people to have any type of physical contact with the device, since it handles a registration by QR code or the RFID system, which guarantees the prevention of contagion. It is only necessary for each person to pass the QR code or the RFID chip through the reader when starting, pausing, resuming or ending the day.
  • mobile app: Whether your company works regularly with remote collaborators, or if you have had to incorporate the modality of home office to your daily activities, the mobile application is an efficient tool for the control and registration of working hours. It is a free mobile app for workers, in which they can validate their working hours from any location where they are, performing attendance control from your cell phone. Among its advantages is the fact that the system sends workers a summary of their monthly shift, complying with the requirements of current legislation. It also opens the possibility of managing changes in the day, vacations or leave.
  • Telephone registration: The telephone registration system is the ideal option to record the working hours of mobile workers. Its use is appropriate for commercial executives who must constantly move, for technicians who must provide their services in different places, among other disciplines.
  • Email validation: This option has been quite practical, especially for people who carry out administrative or office work, and who, due to the global situation of the spread of the coronavirus, have had to carry out their workday from home. It is a record of the working day through the email tool, quickly and easily.

Main benefits of time recording

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These versatile systems for recording the hours of employees and collaborators, they are a tool that has a direct impact on the efficiency and management control of human resources teams. With options that are easily adapted to the needs of each company, industry or business, this control reports the following among its main benefits:

  • Guarantee of compliance with current labor regulations of the work schedule record.
  • Provision of legal reports required by labor inspection at any time and place.
  • The work reports of each employee can be signed by them online, through the app, and stored securely in the cloud.
  • As it is an online system, the reports that are generated are stored automatically, and can be exported to multiple formats

All these tools are at the service of your company and its human resources department, with the intention of maintaining an organized, efficient and fair management, in which the record of all the activities carried out is kept. It is about the possibility of taking the step towards a next level of organization and success.

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