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Sickness benefit application form

It is through the application form for sickness benefit, it is possible to request the benefit paid by the INSS, who is temporarily unable to work due to illness, accident or medical request.

What this article covers:

What is the sick pay claim?

The right to sickness benefit, currently called aid for temporary disability, is a cash benefit, offered by the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), aimed at those people who cannot or cannot perform work functions in a certain period of time, that is, who are temporarily incapacitated, due to illness, accident, or even some medical prescription.

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First of all, contact must be made with the Social Security body, where the applicant can request the service, first by scheduling a medical examination, which will direct him/her to fill out a “New Application”.

The application consists of filling out a form that will be made available. All of this can be done online through the INSS homepage that you can find at www.gov.br/inss/pt-br??

What will it take to complete an application for sickness benefit?

To complete the application, you must provide:

  • The applicant’s data, such as full name, address, nationality, date of birth, mother’s full name (there must be no abbreviation), NIT-PIS/PASEP number;
  • Date of leave from work or date of leave from the company, certificate of leave, company location data, signature of the person in charge;
  • If there are dependents for the family’s salary, name and date of birth of these people;

Note: the document must not contain erasures, and preferably must be typewritten.

What is the analysis period requested by the INSS to analyze the application for sickness benefit?

There are recurrent complaints both from people who work in social security and beneficiaries of the same, regarding a delay in the analysis of applications. The good news is that as of June of this year, new deadlines for the analysis and dispatch of applications have come into effect, with the deadline calculated for sickness benefit applications set at 45 days.

The application can be requested by any person who demonstrates incapacity for work, provided it is temporary. On the INSS website there is a detailed step-by-step, just follow the option “More services” > “Auxílios” > “Apply for Illness Aid”. If the period for analysis exceeds 45 days, it is also possible to file a complaint with the Unified Center for Emergency Compliance with Deadlines.

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