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Showing off her tattoos, Sara Corrales is shown in the gym while doing a routine with weights

Sarah Corrales She is one of the actresses who does not hesitate to share on her Twitter account instagram the discipline she has in terms of maintaining her figure, and now she has published a black and white video that shows her in the gym, doing a routine with weights and showing off her multiple temporary tattoos, which are applied to her for the telenovela recordings “My way is to love you”.

The beautiful Colombian actress already has more than three million followers on that social network, and she delights all of them with collections of images that she captures in her day-to-day life. Thus, she appeared with a friend at the gym, also modeling an embellished bodysuit and complementing everything with one of her already famous optimistic messages: “That which you focus your attention on… GROWS! So I invite you to vibrate in gratitude 🙏🏽, love 🧡, in positivity and in all the good things you want for your life”.

One of Sara’s favorite clothes to show off her muscles are bikinis, and she shows them in many of her publications. She has been seen so much in gardens, resorts and the pool, assuring that he is in a very full phase of his life: “When you vibrate in love… you can’t hide it! The energy of the heart is impossible to hide, others will perceive it from miles away because you embody that divine feeling 💖 and you? Tell me! What energy are you vibrating in? 🌷🙌🏽🌷

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