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Shoulder Tendinitis – Symptoms and Treatment –

Learn more about what Tendinitis is and how to seek treatment.

Tendinitis (or tendinopathy) is inflammation of the shoulder tendon (better known as the supraspinatus rotator cuff) and the biceps tendon. This inflammation causes severe pain in the region and without any care, it can cause problems in the daily lives of those who suffer from it.


In addition to pain, tendinitis in the shoulder can be accompanied by tingling in the inflamed region, loss of strength, a feeling of “caught” in the region, swelling, heat and redness in the affected area. Remembering that the diagnosis is carried out based on the patient’s history and also, with physical or image exams if they are prescribed by the orthopedist, who is responsible for this type of body region. Based on exams, the professional will identify whether it is indeed a tendinitis or a muscle injury.

Risk Factors and Treatment

Tendinitis can be caused by several factors. Repetitive movements and even contact with a lot of weight can trigger tendon inflammation. In addition, the lack of stretching, especially before physical activity, can lead to tendinitis. After feeling the symptoms, a good tip is to use compresses in the region and, of course, anti-inflammatories indicated by the health professional to relieve pain. Remembering that rest after the onset of symptoms is a strong ally for a speedy recovery.

A good tip to prevent tendinitis from returning is to always stretch before any physical activity, always have a correct body posture and also invest in therapies such as acupuncture, which can help strengthen and stimulate the muscles, preventing the pain from returning. . Medical follow-up is also essential, both to treat current pain and to prevent it from returning. If you are referred to physiotherapy, it will be your strong ally in the fight against tendinitis.

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