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Should you charge your cell phone battery to 100%? • ENTER.CO

A few years ago we were not very interested in the autonomy time that our phone had, however, as the mobile has become essential in everyday life, its battery is one of the aspects that most worries us. Likewise, many users have set their sights on good charging habits. If you are one of those who cares about taking care of your phone’s battery, we explain why you should not always charge it to 100%.

The first thing you should know is that nothing will happen to your cell phone if you charge the battery up to 100% from time to time; however, it will be affected if you do it constantly. Now, let’s talk about the charging cycle; The process of recharging the battery from 0 to 100% is called a charge cycle. Said like this, each phone has a certain number of battery or charging cycles, after which, the battery could be considered obsolete.

In itself, the charging cycles are not bad, the negative is what happens physically to the batteries each time they are recharged. Due to the movement and accumulation of electrons, the battery deteriorates; then, the greater the wear, the less autonomy. So, the important thing will be that, instead of consuming a charge cycle at once, you do it in different charges, thus extending the useful life of the phone.

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To do this, it will be necessary to take longer to consume a full charge cycle. Said like this, the most advisable thing for the manufacturers is that the battery stay between 20% and 80%. This was standardized as after 80% is when the charge is most sensitive, in fact, it is very common for phones to last longer charging from 80% upwards. In fact, some manufacturers such as Apple and OnePlus offer options that limit the charge to 80% and, through artificial intelligence, detect when it is necessary to reach 100% charge.

So, if we charge the phone when it is at 20% and disconnect it once it reaches 80%, we are consuming only part of a complete charging cycle. This is why it is not recommended, neither to completely use up the battery, nor to reach 100%; however, as we already mentioned, it is also not bad that from time to time you fully charge the phone if you need to.

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