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should they be used or not?

Using ear swabs can be harmful. It is a very sensitive organ that requires special care.

The use of ear swabs It is a very common practice among the Portuguese population. Recent studies show that almost half of the Portuguese who clean their ears do so using cotton swabs. But is the use of ear swabs recommended by experts?

The ear is a very sensitive organ and its deterioration can cause severe problems and, ultimately, lead to deafness.

How important is ear wax?

First of all, it is important to realize that wax is natural and necessary and that if we have it, it is for a reason. In fact, in normal amounts, wax serves as a self-cleaning agent, protecting and lubricating the ear. On the other hand, the absence of wax can cause a sensation of itch and dry ears.

Wax works as a kind of natural lubricant that acts as a protective barrier, preventing dirt and foreign objects from entering the eardrum. This protective function is of great importance since the eardrum (extremely thin membrane that separates the part of the ear that is open to the outside of the middle ear) is extremely delicate and can easily suffer a perforation.

Should we use or not use ear buds?

The response among experts is unanimous: not! The ear is a very sensitive and delicate area, with which we must be especially careful, avoiding the use of cotton swabs.

Using ear swabs can seriously damage your ears and, in the most extreme cases, affect your hearing ability:

The) using cotton swabs to clean the ears carries a great risk of trauma and accidents;

B) using cotton buds pushes the wax further back into the ear causing a wax plug to form;

ç) There are several possible damages caused by introducing cotton swabs into the ears: wounds in the skin of the ear canal; eardrum perforation; symptoms such as bleeding, pain, tinnitus, vertigo and hearing loss.

deafness problems

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But then, how can we safely clean earwax?

As we saw, it is not convenient to introduce any object into the ear canal, namely cotton buds, both in adults and children. The ear has a self-cleaning system that expels the earwax to the outside. However, when wax builds up, the ears can be washed with a towel or washcloth, but only on the surface.

There are suitable products for sale in pharmacies to remove and dilute wax. However, when these problems related to excessive accumulation of wax in the ears are present, it is advisable to have the wax removed by a specialist doctor (otorhinolaryngologist), who has the appropriate instruments for the purpose.

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