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Should I pay the IPTU and IPVA 2022 in installments or in cash?

Every year, Brazilians have a series of responsibilities related to the payment of mandatory taxes. IPTU and IPVA, for example, are two taxes that are always on people’s minds at the beginning of the year.

With 2021 approaching, it’s time to organize the finances and schedule the payment of those taxes once again. Planning financially is very important and avoids headaches, such as contracting extra debts, for example. This also applies to IPTU and IPVA.

These two taxes are usually charged with payment terms that vary between paying in cash or paying in installments. And the question always arises: is it better to break the debt into small parts or pay it off in a single payment?

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What are the benefits of paying IPTU and IPVA 2022 in installments?

If you didn’t plan or didn’t manage to form an income that guarantees the payment of these taxes in cash, then the best option is to divide it into installments that fit in your pocket. You will not guarantee some advantages related to the settlement in a single installment, but you will also have the security of being able to pay the costs of the installments.

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It is important to say that it is not worth resorting to loans and other forms of debt to quickly get rid of IPVA and IPTU. Neither enter the overdraft or any way to obtain credit from the financial market. The idea is to settle debts and not contract them.

Paying taxes in installments is the best option if you cannot opt ​​for cash settlement, so take advantage of this payment method.

What are the benefits of paying the IPTU and IPVA 2022 in cash?

Now if you have planned well and have a more comfortable financial situation where you have the possibility of separating part of your money just to pay the taxes, then the best option is undoubtedly the payment in a single installment.

This modality allows you to obtain interesting discounts on the total debt amount. This deduction varies from state to state, but, on average, the percentage is 3% discount for IPVA and 4% in the case of IPTU?? In some specific cases, this discount can be up to 10%.

Therefore, the tip is: pay attention to your financial conditions and also to the payment terms offered by the state where you live.

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