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short skirts with high boots

When it’s cold, do you like to wear short skirts with high boots? This article is for you. We gathered the best looks and inspirations.

As happened last year, one of the trends for this season continues to be to use short skirts with high boots. Even in the coolest weather.

Perfect for feminine and self-confident women, this is an infallible combination when what you want is a sensual coordinate and, at the same time, with fashion information.

And if at this point you’re thinking it’s going to be cold, think again: the trick is to bet on skirts made of warmer fabrics. And of course, putting socks under your boots.

To go out to dinner with your partner, for an evening with friends or simply for a romantic weekend walk, how about trying an outfit like this?

It is important, however, to pay some attention to over-the-knee boots. So that they are well attached to the leg (and are not always slipping), favor ones with elastic. After all, you don’t want to spend the day pulling your boots up, right?

So, if you need inspiration to wear short skirts with high boots, check out our suggestions below and recreate them now!

Do you like to wear short skirts with high boots, but don’t want the outfit to be too sensual? So, take note of this tip: just combine the miniskirt with a wool sweater without a neckline or with a high collar, in a neutral color.

Then, if you want to add accessories, you can bet on a nice belt, a hat or even big earrings.

A perfect look for an afternoon with friends or for a walk with your better half.
Easy and awesome, right?

Does your better half invite you to a romantic dinner and don’t know what to wear? Calm down, we have the solution. Take inspiration from the Portuguese model Sara Sampaio and combine a short skirt with a satin shirt and, on your feet, high boots.

If you want the coordinate to be more sophisticated, bet on tone over tone (that is, on combining similar tones within the same color). You will feel powerful, beautiful and confident.


With a turtleneck sweater and tights

Are you a cold woman but love to combine short skirts with high boots? So, the best thing is not to dispense with the tights. Bet on some with polka dots or with hearts, to give the outfit more fashion information.

Then just wear a turtleneck sweater, your favorite skirt and complement it with a cozy coat.

So, in addition to staying warm throughout the day, you’ll feel amazing in your own skin.

A perfect look to wear on days off or at the weekend.

Are there feminine and romantic women out there? Then this inspiration is for you.

To achieve an incredible and sophisticated autumn/winter look, nothing better than combining a Victorian shirt with a tweed miniskirt and knee-high boots.

The result is elegant, feminine and stylish. Perfect for a date with your significant other or lunch with best friends.


With white shirt and cape

Likewise, combining a short skirt with a white shirt, a wool cape and knee-high boots is the certainty of a beautiful, sophisticated, sensual and, at the same time, stylish outfit.

Believe me, you’ll get compliments wherever you go, because covers are one of the great trends of this season.

However, since knee-high boots are more sensual, you should avoid them in the workplace. Unless, of course, your work environment is more relaxed or you work from home.

You can use it for an event during the day, to go out to dinner with friends or even to take a walk around town with your better half.

Get inspired by this look: turtleneck sweater, plaid miniskirt and beret.

What is certain is that the result is super feminine and very loving. Can you resist?

If you work in the fashion world, in the creative industry or are a liberal professional, this is a coordinate that you can even wear to work (however, if your work environment is too formal, it is better to save it for the weekends). Just combine a sweater with a well-cut blazer, a warm skirt and, on your feet, high boots.

In addition to being a warm outfit, it is elegant, sober and, at the same time, sensual. Perfect for confident women who love to dress up.

As you can see, there is no shortage of good suggestions on how to wear short skirts with high boots. Get inspired by them and recreate them with pieces you already have in your closet.

After all, nothing better than a very feminine look to feel even more beautiful, right?

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