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Shoe models for spring / summer 2023 →

As with clothes, the fashion references for 2023 are everywhere and are very reminiscent of years 80’s, 90’s and 2000’sthe shoes for the 2023 season even gained a much more daring and fun touch on their heels, which was often seen in fashion influencers who tend to dictate some trends when it comes to style and combinations.

And if you are curious to see which shoe models will be in trend this 2023, see the main styles, in the article below!

Shoe models for spring / summer 2023

Striking heels, flatform, style, daring and a lot of concept would be the “adjectives” of the shoes that promise to be a trend for 2023.

Due to the great influence of girls who understand fashion and influence, and the fashion shows of the brands, one truth is a fact, currently those who dictate fashion are social networks and influencers who “accept” and propagate any new concept or idea.

And currently the trends that follow and promise to enhance girls’ feet are the most “different and stylish” models. Check it out:


Yes, more or less 2 years ago, papetes were born on catwalks, and they are still a fever between comfort and style, and the models that are most successful are those with striking soles and thinner straps, as well as black and colored palettes.

And of course, on the other hand, there are people who love and people who hate this style of footwear, however one of the most interesting factors about papetes is that they are very comfortable and utilitarian, perfect for people looking for a shoe “uglyfasphion” very stylish and great for kicking around.


Elegant and quite democratic when it comes to matching, the loafers are so elegant to wear with a tailoring set, for example, and go out on the street rocking style and good taste.

And for the 2023 fashion, there will be numerous models of loafers, some including neutral tones and tractor soles, which, when combined with different alternative looks, bring that touch of the timeless classic that prints the image of loafers very well.


The platform is not a trend for 2023 fashion, it is practically a promise, after all, for about a year now, “super high” platforms, which are somewhat reminiscent of shoes from the 80s, are making a strong comeback.

Among the favorites are models with a “doll” style that are extremely successful in sales in several department stores.


The clog that was also usual and “favorite” in fashion shows of many brands, it brings the model’s most revamped and current proposal, that is, the 2023 fashion clogs are not those simple models with wooden heels.

In fact, the trend clog for 2023 is the “faltform clog” which was also famous in the 2000s, and the model has a heel with a straight sole, and depending on the material it is made of, it is very comfortable and still has those extra 5 cm, perfect for short women!


Models of platform shoes, only with several straps to make numerous ties are another great novelty that intends to come with everything for 2023, and yes the extravagance in terms of colors and “effects” metallics are also part of the proposal.

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