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Sherlyn became a fan of Shakira’s new song and calls it the new anthem | VIDEO

The premiere of the new song of Shakira does not stop giving what to talk about. Despite the fact that many have attacked her for showing the infidelity of her ex-partner, Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía, there were stars who supported her.

Well, it showed that currently “women no longer cry, women bill”, which has been taken very literally, since, instead of seeing their breakup as a failure, decided to write about her and generate millions, returning like a goddess to her musical career, issue that was applauded by several celebrities, including Sherlyn.

It was so that in her TikTok account, Sherlyn decided to applaud the song in which Shakira collaborated with Bizarrap, making it clear that more than leaving her devastated, her breakup with Piqué empowered her and she does not intend to keep anything of what she feels, since As he declared for “Elle”, music is his best therapy.

But what did Sherlyn say about the song that Shakira dedicated to Piqué? In addition to ensuring that it is “team Shakira”, Sherlyn said she was proud of the way in which the Colombian composer is taking the break with the soccer playersince instead of embarrassing herself like many women, she is literally generating millions with her new musical creations.

“Here we are team Shakira, why? Here it goes: regularly when women are painted with horns and this, even embarrassing us, is like ‘what have I done wrong?’, ‘what have I failed in? and such’, but not here, here it is: ‘Let’s see, he left me yes… I’m worth madr* and not only that, I’m going to make millions of dollars’”, assured Sherlyn in a first TikTok.

In addition, he assured that surely Shakira has not been having such a bad time, because, although her separation with Gerard Piqué may have hurt her at the time, the truth is that “Crying in a hut is not the same as crying at sea, on your yacht, mocking and dying of laughter at the pain they caused you and how you transcended it.”

Regarding what “Music Sessions #53” by Shakira and Bizarrap says about Clara Chía, the new partner of the father of the Colombian’s children, Sherlyn could not help but regret the situation, but not because she thinks that this is a “fiery or macho act” as some Internet users have declared, but because of something very particular.

Since Sherlyn literally began to think about how bad Clara Chía will have when they play the new song that Shakira composed for her and Piqué in bars or clubs, since she literally won’t be able to sing it like the others because it’s a mess directly against him.

“I feel very bad for Piqué’s new girlfriend, for Clara, because imagine the frustration of being somewhere and having Shakira’s song played and not being able to sing it, that is, it will be dully like when we sing in the brain.” a kitten that likes…’, that you don’t sing it because it gives you a bear, but the net we all bring it here stuck to the head. Oh my God, it’s like listening to ‘Bichota’ and not being able to sing it. This song is going to be the new anthem, they remember me”, exposed Sherlyn in another clip.

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