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Shelves in the kitchen, photos

The kitchen is one of the main spaces in a home. It allows the preparation of meals and also serves to store food. In addition to being the setting for many domestic tasks, the kitchen can also be considered an extension of the social area of ​​the house.

Wall painted with blackboard paint and shelves. (Photo: Disclosure)

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What this article covers:

For Make the most of available space in the kitchenmany residents invest in installation of shelves🇧🇷 These pieces work as supports, as they favor the organization of household items.

The shelves represent an important strategy for decorate the kitchen, after all, they make perfect use of the vacant space on the walls. In some cases, the pieces complement the cabinet or can even replace traditional furniture.

In addition to being functional, the kitchen shelf it is also an aesthetic element. If residents want to put together a cheerful decoration, they can bet on colorful pieces. On the other hand, if the kitchen is modern and minimalist, then it matches neutral simple templates🇧🇷

Shelves keep the kitchen organized. (Photo: Disclosure)

Kitchen shelves are for display and organize objects🇧🇷 They work as a support for crockery, kettles, pans, cups, mugs, among other items. Retro objects or kitchen ornaments can also be highlighted on the shelf.

Unlike the closet, the shelves do not have compartments, so it is important to select them with great care and taste. items to be displayed in the kitchen🇧🇷 It is also important to keep everything well organized, otherwise the mess in the room will show.

Tips for choosing kitchen shelves

• The kitchen is usually a clean environment, so it is recommended to install clear shelves;

• Shelves must be resistant and, preferably, made of wood;

• In some strategic places, shelves are welcome and tend to facilitate the routine in the kitchen. It is worth installing a piece next to the stove, near the table or above the refrigerator. If there is a vacant wall over the sink, this is also interesting. install a shelf;

Shelves replace wall cabinets. (Photo: Disclosure)

• The shelf over the sink may have some hooks at the bottom to hang pans, pots and spoons;

• Clear shelves make the kitchen look less busy. They also tend to highlight the colorful household items that are on display;

• It is important to follow a pattern of object shapes and colors so that there is no visual pollution.

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pictures of kitchen shelves

Check out a selection of kitchen shelving pictures and get inspired to assemble your decor:

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