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Shelves for the bedroom, tips

The bedroom is an intimate environment inside the house. In it, people usually rest and do entertainment activities, such as watching TV, listening to music or reading a book. When decorating the room, one of the great challenges faced by residents is space. We separate a complete guide to choose different models of bedroom shelves🇧🇷

Shelves in the teenage bedroom. (Photo: Disclosure)

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Not all rooms are large enough to accommodate furniture. In this way, it is complicated to store all personal objects in space. Instead of adding another dresser or closet to the room, there is the possibility of decorating with shelves.

Shelves are able to take advantage of the vertical space in the room, thus supplying the limited horizontal area. In addition to optimizing measurements, the pieces also facilitate organization within the room and favor the idea of ​​exposure.

Residents who do not want to decorate their room with a conventional bookcase should bet on shelves. These pieces usually guarantee a lighter and minimalist aesthetic, in addition to what they never go out of style.

Shelves in the children’s room. (Photo: Disclosure)

On the market, you can find a variety of models of shelves, which differ in terms of size, shape, color and material. The choice of piece depends a lot on the needs of the residents and also on the purpose of the decoration.

What this article covers:

Check below some tips for decorating the room with shelves🇧🇷

• Every 70cm in length, the shelf needs a support to maintain its firmness;

• The heavier the shelf material, the greater the number of supports;

• The shelf must not be overloaded with too many objects;

• The shelf model must maintain an aesthetic balance with the decoration style;

• The shelf is a great place to display a collection of objects;

• The most recommended materials for shelves are wood and glass.

Shelves in each room

Shelves in the master bedroom. (Photo: Disclosure)

Double bedroom shelves: the environment combines with more classic, neutral and simple shelves. The piece can be decorated with lamps or objects of the same color. Using the shelf as a support for picture frames and pictures is also a possibility.

Children’s room shelves: the environment calls for colorful shelves to match a cheerful and fun decoration. The pieces served as a support for the toys.

Baby room shelves: the models are smaller and delicate. They serve to organize the items used in the care of the little resident. If it is not white, it is interesting that the shelf is in a pastel tone.

Teen room shelves: it is possible to work with more relaxed pieces and modern designs. They serve to expose a collection of objects or store the teenager’s belongings.

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