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Sheet masks – 22 favorites that moisturize the skin and give a nice glow

When the skin feels dull, tired and dry, sheet masks are your best friend! Super easy and super good for your skin. Sheet mask is, simply explained, a sheet mask that is soaked in serum or essence. The masks are shaped after the face and have holes for the eyes, nose and mouth and should be applied to cleansed skin. Here are 22 sheet masks that hydrate and brighten, leaving your skin radiant.

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Sheet masks are perfect to use when the skin feels extra dry and lacks luster. If you haven’t tried sheet masks yet, it’s definitely time! Sheet masks are made of a thin cloth soaked in effective and nourishing serum. You put the cloth on your face and leave it on for usually around 5-20 minutes while the skin absorbs all the lovely ingredients.

The fact that sheet masks have become so popular right now is mainly due to the K-beauty trend. In skincare-mad South Korea, which the entire beauty industry is now inspired by, the sheet mask is a central part of the skincare routine.

Today there are also small sheet masks for the eyes, so-called eye patches or eye pads, which often reduces puffiness and dark circles. There are also special sheet masks for the lips, which moisturize and with the help of hyaluronic acid make them fuller.

Here we have collected 22 sheet masks to pamper your skin with!SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

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