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Sheathed in an outfit with rhinestones, Lorena Herrera captivates the networks in a sensual video in front of the mirror

After being one of the finalists of the MasterChef Celebrity program, Lorraine Herrera He has not stopped surprising his audience with his activity on social networks. And it is that in addition to sharing behind the scenes of the cooking reality show in which he participated, he has provided hot photos that have given a lot to talk about.

Such was the case of one of his most recent feats on Instagram, where Dressed in an outfit worthy of the stage, the famous woman posed with a sensual look in front of the mirror in a short video that sparked a furor among its digital community.

The outfit in question was an electric blue bodysuit with transparencies in the abdomen area and rhinestone sleeves that gave the piece dynamism for her hot movements on stage.

As for her blonde hair, she wore it in an updo on the top of her head while two golden locks in the front framed her features.

It should be noted that said audiovisual was captured minutes before the famous 55-year-old singer went to the venue where one of her presentations would take place in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

The publication did not take long to collect thousands of likes and comments, including Maribel Guardia, Lis Vega, Karenka and her screen partner in the Netflix series “Siempre Reinas”, Laura Zapata.

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