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She-Hulk would have given us the first teaser of ‘Planet Hulk’ • ENTER.CO

What was Saakar’s message to Bruce Banner? We have a theory of what it means for the Hulk and She-Hulk.

There is no free event in the MCU. So far, most Disney+ series have delivered on the promise of delivering a hint or two about what’s coming for their connected universe of movies. Usually these reveals come at the end of the show… but breaking tradition, She-Hulk may have delivered the biggest spoiler at the start of her first episode.

The reason is at the beginning of the series when we see a ship appear out of nowhere and surprise Bruce and Jennifer, causing the accident that would turn her into She-Hulk. Although this event is presented in this way to modify the origins of the heroine, the truth is that it also seems to indicate a secondary story in progress. And on ENTER.CO, as well as on many Marvel forums, there’s a pretty interesting theory: a Planet Hulk teaser.

saakar and planet hulk

Quickly, Hulk mentions that the ship that scared them was a Saakarian A-class courier. We never find out what the message is, but Bruce says he’ll look into the matter, probably after dealing with the whole Jennifer situation.

Here’s the thing: we already know Saakar. This was the planet where most of the events in Thor: Ragnarok take place and where Bruce spends two years as the Hulk. The last we heard of this planet is that the Grand Master lost his power in a revolt… Why are they looking for him again?

Saakar is an important planet in the comics because it is the location of the events of Planet Hulk and then World War Hulk. The MCU tried to adapt part of this story by taking the main elements: Hulk stays in this form for a few years and becomes the champion of the planet. However, the Marvel version leaves out some important details.

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In the comics, the Hulk’s exile is planned and has the goal of sending him to a place where he can’t hurt anyone else. Unfortunately the result is that the Hulk becomes king of the planet and eventually decides to take revenge against the Illuminati who decided to send him and then (apparently) kill him. Some of the consequences of Planet Hulk is that it is on Sakaar that Peter has contact with the Venom symbiote.

Perhaps one of the most interesting consequences is that the Hulk ends up having a son on Sakaar: Skaar. Initially this character (as strong and powerful as the Hulk) is presented as little more than a beast, but he ends up becoming a minor hero in the MCU.

Is this moment the confirmation we were hoping for? Perhaps She-Hulk will give us more clues along the way. We have five more weeks to find out as the show premieres every Thursday on Disney+.

Images: Marvel Studios and Marvel Comics

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