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She-Hulk has finally acknowledged the change from Edward Norton’s Hulk • ENTER.CO

A long, long time ago… The Hulk was Edward Norton (and the Marvel movies weren’t that great). Of course for many this is not the case, because for almost 20 years the MCU tapes have shown us Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner, while ignoring The Incredible Hulk tape.

But officially the MCU acknowledges that Bruce Banner was originally someone else.

This Thursday, August 25, the most recent episode of She-Hulk: Defender of Heroes premiered. The chapter has quite a few Marvel references and inside jokes, but one of the funniest is at a time when Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) discusses with Bruce the idea of ​​defending Abomination (Tim Roth). Banner tells him that he has nothing to worry about because he has long since put those events behind him and that Emil Blonsky wrote him a letter asking for forgiveness, with which he believes that he and his ‘arch villain’ have changed.

“At that time I was a different person. Literally,” Bruce tells him.

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For many, the exchange could only be interpreted as Bruce acknowledging that now with the Smart Hulk he is a different person from the monster and scientist he was at the time. But the ‘literally’ can be seen as a nod from the MCU to acknowledge that, at the time, it was Edward Norton, someone other than the actor we know today as the Hulk.

In the early days of Marvel it was much more common for the studio to replace actors. Another memorable case is that of Terrence Howard, who played James Rhodes (War Machine) in the first Iron-Man movie and was later replaced by Don Cheadle. In more recent days, the studio has found more original ways to justify the absence of certain characters, which then allows them to be brought back (such as Natalie Portman in the Thor movies).

Of course, this isn’t the only nod this scene gives, with the revelation that the Hulk is aboard the Skaardian ship that caused the crash. Are we close to having our version of the MCU World War Hulk? We’ll have to wait a little longer to find out.

You can watch the first two episodes of She-Hulk: Defender of Heroes on Disney+.

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