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She has been using skin care with vitamin A for 35 years – here are the results.

Few people would guess that American Melissa is 67 years old – she actually looks several decades younger. Here are the products she says are behind her exceptionally beautiful complexion.

Photo: Instagram @msmelissa55 / Unsplash

American Melissa is a TikTok profile whose age is slightly above the platform’s average – she is 67 years old. Her complexion, however, tells a different story. In fact, Melissa looks much younger than her nearly 70 years, and according to herself, superior genes are not the only reason behind her youthful appearance.

Been using the same product for 35 years

In a popular video on TikTok, Melissa – who goes by the username @msmelissa55 on the platform – explains that she has been using the same skin care product for years: Retin-A or Tretinoin, a type of vitamin A that helps with the skin’s cell renewal.

Melissa says that she has been using this product since 1987, when for medical reasons she cannot use botox, fillers or the like to change the appearance of her house. When it comes to using the product, she advises to let the product do its job without mixing in other products:

“[Retin-A] is strong, so you have to respect that,” she says in the clip. “The doctors told me to cut out all other products and only use a very mild cleanser, like Dove soap. And then just clean your face with your fingers, don’t scrub it.”

After cleansing, Melissa advises to let the skin dry completely and then use only a small dab of Retin-A, about the size of a pea. After application, you can use a mild moisturizing cream – she recommends Nivea – and completely exclude toners or serums.

“Let Retin-A work, use sunscreen, don’t use anything that can irritate the skin more. The next day, you gently wash your skin and apply some mild face cream and some sunscreen,” she says, and ends by urging her followers to always consult a doctor if they are considering starting to use .

If you don’t want to use Tretinoin, which is a prescription preparation, you can try retinol, which is also a vitamin A. Retinol can counteract skin problems such as acne and blackheads, and also has a good effect on acne scars. Check out our favorite products with retinol below!

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