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Shattered! This is how Diego Luna lived the tribute and farewell to his father together with his sister in Fine Arts | VIDEO

diego lunaMexican actor, moved the public after giving a message during the tribute to his father Alejandro Luna, who passed away on December 13.

The actor was visibly affected by the loss of his father, so when he took the microphone to say goodbye to him, his voice broke trying to contain his tears.

The images have captivated his fans, who continue to send their condolences through social networks.

To pay tribute to him, the doors of Bellas Artes were opened to say goodbye to Alejandro Luna, architect, lighting designer and set designer, who was in the most important productions.

Diego and his sister María arrived with the urn with their father’s ashes to begin the tribute paid to him by the members of the show. In a moment, the protagonist of “Rudo y Cursi” took the stage to dedicate a few words to the one who taught him everything about the industry.

Although he did not give any statement upon his arrival, when it was time to be in front of all those who gathered to say goodbye, the 42-year-old actor remembered his father in a very emotional way.

“We did a ceremony at home to say goodbye to my dad, very intimate with his closest family, but we needed to do this and we are very grateful for the space, that the possibility of doing it here has been opened, because we wanted to say goodbye to my dad with the family that he chose, which are you”.


The protagonist of “Star Wars: Andor”, who is nominated for the 2022 Golden Globes, read a text by Alejandro Luna in which he talks about the work of the set designer, at the end, Diego added a reflection in which he indicated that his father it remains present whenever a play is being performed on stage.

“Now that my father apparently does not exist, the theater exists and that contradicts it, because if the theater exists, if you continue to do theater, my dad exists, so please continue doing it”


Diego Luna was very crestfallen at the loss of his father, however, he received the support of his two children Jerónimo and Fiona, who unfortunately appeared before the press in the midst of such a sad moment for the family.

Likewise, the actor was accompanied by his current girlfriend Marina de Tavira and his ex-partner Camila Sodi, who in turn escorted their little ones who did not separate from the protagonist of “Rogue One”.

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