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Shakira’s song is already the most listened to, leaving Luis Fonsi’s ‘Despacito’ in second place

In 2017, ‘Despacito’, by Luis Fonsi, became the most listened to song on YouTube, more than five years later, Shakira has dethroned it from first place. A few hours after she released the video for Session # 53 where the Colombian collaborates with the Argentine producer Bizarrap, the song had millions of views.

The success she has had is due to the lyrics, which are dedicated to her ex-husband, former soccer player Gerard Piqué, who was unfaithful to her with Clara Chía. In just 24 hours the video accumulated 50,384,133 reproductions. According to IfoMusic, Fonsi’s song got the record with 25 million in 12 hours.

But the new song is not only in first place on YouTube, but also on Spotify in the Top 50 Global chart with more than 14,000,000 streams. Views are expected to rise in the coming hours and days. The song of the interpreter of ‘Anthology’ It has caused quite a stir worldwide..

Despite the fact that the former couple ended their relationship legally and even agreed not to affect their children, it was thought that with the singer’s move to Miami, as well as, in recent months, with the song by ‘Monotony’, everything would be forgotten, it wasn’t like that, then came ‘I congratulate you’.

With the release of this new song it is clear that the Colombian expresses a bit of how she experienced the infidelity of the former Barcelona defender in a cruder way, even, in the lyrics there are direct allusions to Clara Chía. When the pop star presented ‘I congratulate you’, it was speculated that it was the last song about her relationship with Piqué.

After the announcement that the melody has broken records, as well as having been massively supported on social networks by fans and other singers such as the Mexican Danna Paola or the host Adamari Lópezthe Colombian has not hesitated to celebrate on social networks, in addition to thanking the support she received with this project.

“Thank you to the amazing Bizarrap, Sony Music and my wonderful team and group of female warriors who walk by my side. This goes to all the women who taught me that when life throws you bitter lemons, there is no other choice but to make lemonade.”

Although ‘Monotonía’, ‘I congratulate you’ are very present, as well as this new song with Bizarrap, Shakira also composed ‘I fell in love’ for Gerard Piqué, a piece in which she tells how the former Barcelona player conquered her and she fell exhausted. Even the letter says that the interpreter of ‘Pies desclazos’ was willing to have 10 children with him.

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