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Shakira would have been convinced by one of her children to do the controversial song against Piqué with Bizarrap

Shakira and Gerard Piqué with their children Milan and Sasha at the 2021 Balloon World Cup.

Photo: Albert Gea. / Grosby Group

Shakira has made a total stir with the collaboration of Bizarrap, and just a few days after its premiere, little by little details have come to light around the creation of this controversial theme.

One of them is the reason that led the Colombian singer to decide to release this material and, above all, the identity of the person who allegedly convinced her to work with the Argentine DJ and producer has been revealed. Well, the manager would have been one of her children.

It was in the program “Despierta América” ​​where they announced that he was the eldest son of Shakira, Milan Piqué who would have recommended his mother to work with the Argentine, of whom the minor is a fan.

It should be remembered that the DJ and producer has previously worked with various artists and each material that has emerged from their collaborations has become a success, among the names we can find Residente, Quevedo, Nicky Jam and now the interpreter of “Rabiosa”.

“Exclusively we tell you that it is neither more nor less than his own son, Milan, who in a few days will be 10 years old, it turns out that he is a fan of Bizarrap, thanks to his most recent success, ‘Quédate’, by the singer Quevedo, and well, so the little boy did not hesitate to tell him: ‘Mom, do a collaboration with this man”commented on the air one of the hosts of the program.

The presenter stressed that now it is more evident that the eldest son of the Colombian fully supports his mother: “The rest is history. It is clear to us that Milan supports his mother and is super intelligent ”they assured in the morning of Univision.

So far “Session 53” has exceeded 92 million views on YouTube and leads the Top 10 most listened to songs in several countries.

From the first minute the theme was released, it not only began to generate controversy and controversy among users, it also came to polarize the opinions expressed on the Internet.

Where some Internet users were against Shakira’s decision to record this song, while millions gave their full support to the song that already broke listening records on music platforms such as Spotify or YouTube.

It was never a mystery to anyone that “Session 53” was a clear response from Shakira to her ex-partner, Gerard Piqué, where he publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with the infidelity of the Barcelona soccer player, and with his current partner, Clara Chíaas well as the way in which he decided to carry out the separation agreement between the two, released last June.

Just three days after its premiere, “Sesión 53” is already a musical milestone and the statistics show it, so the mystery about who was responsible for Shakira making this material with the renowned producer Gonzalo Julián Conde is over for many. , real name of BZRP, and the answer was not long in coming.

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