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Shakira would be furious with Gerard Piqué once again because of Clara Chía and they reveal the reason

Shakira Y Gerard Piqué They are still under the eye of the hurricane, and once again it is because of the very complicated situation that their children, Milan and Sasha, have had to face.

And it is that, according to the Spanish press, the little ones had to put up with their father’s new partner, Clara Chiawho has been pointed out to be responsible for the separation of celebrities, during the New Year’s Eve parties.

But this situation would have bothered the Colombian greatly, since various international media had revealed that there is a clause in their separation, in which the singer prohibits her ex-partner from living with her little ones with her girlfriend.

This new information revives the controversy between the interpreter and the former Barcelona defender, who continue to be the center of attention despite their separation. This weekend it was reported that Piqué spent the New Year holidays with his children, according to what is established in the agreement he reached with the interpreter of “Monotonía”.

However, according to El Nacional de Catalunya, Shakira would have asked her ex-partner to get away from her girlfriend to prevent her children from living with her.

Nevertheless, the former Barcelona player ignored this request and had a secret meeting with Chía Martíwhich was captured by the paparazzi.

Despite the fact that the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer had stated that she did not want Sasha and Milan to be near her dad’s girlfriend, the former soccer player ignored her.

The drop that spilled the camel’s back for Shakira

A few days ago, the now businessman attended a Kings League event where his company Kosmos collaborates. But he did it without the presence of Clara, something that caught the attention of the press who was there, since they have not separated in recent days.

With this attitude, The media deduced that indeed, the athlete is prohibited from interacting with his current partner with the Colombian.

However, a guest at the Liga de Fútbol 7 meeting confirmed that Clara Chía was at the event, but that she remained hidden and kept a low profile so that she would not be identified by the press or attendees.

As expected, the young woman did not manage to go unnoticed since a cameraman caught her inside Piqué’s car, who was driving to leave the place. The images have gone viral and once again put the former Spanish player in the eye of the hurricane.

According to some Spanish media, in the separation agreement, Piqué agreed with Shakira to avoid meetings between their children and Clara.

Despite the fact that Gerard’s lawyer, Ramón Tamborero, denied at the time that there was any “Anti Clara Chía” clause, rumors have been around because Milan and Sashathey are not close to their partner, in addition these speculations gained strength after Christmas was with the Colombian and New Year with the Spanish.

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