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Shakira will launch a new song with everything and hint included: “A wolf like me is not for guys like you”

Shakira has come back strong and in what way after the separation with Gerard Piquéafter 12 years of relationship and two children together.

This time the Colombian singer caused a great uproar due to mysterious messages with which she would reveal the date of a new release and, incidentally, would send a hint to her ex-partner.

In the midst of the Gerard Piqué scandals, the Barranquilla native has added successes with her songs “Te Felicito” and “Monotonía” in which she would talk about her relationship and how it was worn out until it came to an end.

It was these tunes that immediately put her on the map and earned her the full support of her fans around the world upon their breakup.

Now everything indicates that it is preparing a new release, because a mysterious message was released through an official Twitter account dated January 11, 2023.

“A wolf like me is not for wolves like you.” With it, he not only refers to the song “Loba” from 2009, it would also be a strong hint for the former Spanish soccer player according to the media and fans.

Although the singer has not given any further statements, this would be confirmed after it was shared on the official Sony Music account and with a video in which Shakira gets excited when mentioning this number: “Eleven, number eleven. I can not believe it. Amazing”.

The comments did not wait and fans expressed their emotion by noting that the singer “is back”. The interpreter of “Ojos así” has not given more details about her break with Gerard Piqué.

However, it is through music where he has expressed more of his feelings about it. Too, He has shared emotional messages on his social networks that were also taken as hints for Gerard Piqué.

“Although our wounds continue to be open in this new year, time has the hands of a surgeon. Even if someone has betrayed us, we must continue to trust. In the face of contempt, continue to value yourself. Because there are more good people than indecent. More empathetic than indolent people. Fewer are leaving and more are staying by our side. Our tears are not a waste, they water the ground where the future will be born and make us more human, so that in the midst of heartbreak we can continue to love.

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