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Shakira signs the Twingo door of an Italian fan who traveled a thousand kilometers to reach her

Shakira has been happy after the success of her song against Gérard Piqué

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The success of the Bzrp Music Sessions #53 of Shakira with Bizarrap it doesn’t stop. In this opportunity, A fan of the singer decided to travel from Italy to Spain with a very clear objective: for Shakira to sign the door of his vehicle.

The most curious thing about this act is that the Italian wanted the firm to stamp it on his Twingo, the car with which ‘Shak’ contemptuously compares Clara Chíathe new partner of his ex, Gerard Piqué, and with whom he would have been unfaithful.

The man named Damiano Cavadi did not hesitate to travel almost a thousand kilometers from Milan to Barcelona to obtain the long-awaited signature of his musical idol. On board a van and with the Twingo door, which he disassembled, in the trunk, he began the trip that he documented to publish on social networks.

The “Loba” fan managed to reach, after more than 10 hours of travel, to the outskirts of Shakira’s home to wait patiently for the opportunity for the Colombian to stamp her signature on the car door.

One of the things that the man was able to appreciate and document while he waited outside the artist’s residence was the famous witch that he placed on the balcony looking at the house of his ex-mother-in-law, Piqué’s mother.

Likewise, he captured the moment when the woman from Barranquilla arrived in a vehicle with Tonino Mebarak, and began to yell at him to please grant him a signature. Minutes later, Shakira’s brother came out to ask for the door for her to sign.

Some time later the garage door opened and there was the door with the singer’s signature. TOAlthough the fan was unable to see her and speak to her directly, she took a selfie with Tonino Mebarak and achieved what she set out to do: her door signed by ‘Shak’.

It didn’t take long for the moment to go viral on TikTok, a network where the man shared the video of the journey, the wait outside the house and finally the signature of the interpreter of ‘Te Felicito’ and ‘Monotonía’ on the door of his Twingo .

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