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Shakira shows off her bra and surpasses herself on Spotify with Session 53 by Bizarrap

Shakira at the 2007 Latin Grammy.

Photo: Kevin Winter. /Getty Images

Shakira threw another right hand against her ex Gerard Piqué and his girlfriend Clara Chía Martin at Music Session #53 with Argentinian rapper Bizarrap. In addition to being seen strong and very sensual to the show her purple braalso broke his own record for the snatch in Spotify and it’s barely hours that the topic has been online.

Already at the first 6, the Bizarrap Session 53 and Shakira had 19 million views on the digital platform Spotify. In this way your previous topic, Monotonyin which he also gave even with the bucket to Pique, also goes to second place in reproductions in less than twelve hours of premiere. Let’s remember that that same song was the one that dethroned titi asked me of Bad Bunny at the time of its release.

The truth is Shakira shown in the video Session #53 much “armed”, safe and above all response to the break with the former central defender FC Barcelona. Same as hours before she had left in Twitter a message with circus and clown emojis. This after the Colombian launched a rallying cry for this new song as part of its promotion: “A wolf like me is not for guys like you.”

But that would be just the icing on the cake that the interpreter of Eyes like that Y I fell in love a Gerard and Clare. “Women no longer cry, women bill”, “Clearly he has the face of a good person, but he is not”, “I am worth 2 out of 22” and “You left me the mother-in-law, the press at the door and the debt in Treasury”, is art of what it says Shakira as she parts her hair in two to expose her purple bra.

There is no doubt that, as she says, it will earn more and more records, more reproductions and surely many songs to come. This is not to mention that surpassing herself in premieres is a white-gloved slap to her moments of pain.

As to Piqueit was learned that the beginning of the year was happening with her parents and with Clara Chía in Cantabria. The photos were a trend for several days on social networks.

Of Shakira’s trip to Miami with her children Milan and Sasha, several Spanish media affirm that he is in “we will see” because his father’s condition is not the most stable. Initially, it was said that 92-year-old William Mebarak would travel to the state of Florida by air ambulance and now, they allegedly told him that it was not recommended.

Until the time of closing this note, the communications department of Shakira It had not issued any official statement on the matter.

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