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Shakira revives rumors of romance with Alejandro Sanz after beautiful dedication

friendship between Shakira Y Alejandro Sanz It is in the public domain, because since they met there was a “click” between the two that led them to record a couple of songs: “La tortura” and “Te lo agradezco”.

Both melodies had a great impact because they have always been very loved by the public.

However, after the bitter episode of the love break between the Colombian and Gerard Piquéthe rumors of a possible secret relationship between the singers began to gain strength, based on a video recorded around 2007, during a very pleasant chat between the two.

Those who were able to see the recording know very well that the talk is innocent, or at least it seems so, Well, on a couple of occasions the interpreter of “My friend” and “My solitude and I” confesses that he finds it very sensual.

Neither late nor lazy, in this era of social networks, Internet users suggested that there could have been something more than a simple friendship between celebrities.

In a 2013 video, when they both chat in the same way, some of their fans stated that they would have liked to see them as a couple, due to the chemistry that exists between them.

Now, Shakira published an emotional photograph where she is next to Alejandro Sanz, she hugs him. The reason for posting it on his Instagram account is because the native of Barranquilla congratulated him because this December 18th was the Spanish birthday.

As expected, he dedicated some tender words to him that everyone liked: “Remembering you on your day, dear friend. Happy Birthday”, to which he replied “My dear friend. Thank you always for your friendship.”

In the same way, their fans were moved and asked them to get back together in a project, since they consider that their voices are dynamite when combined.

“I want to see them together again, happy birthday”, “I love this duo. And if they release another song together?”, “You would have stayed together”, “I always imagined you together as a couple”, “The best feats are yours” and “There she is a friend”, were just some of the comments they made.

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