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Shakira invites her surf instructor to her birthday and this was her gift | VIDEO

Shakira now wants the public to follow her choreography for the successful song directed at Gerad Piqué.

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The 46th birthday of Shakira continues to give a lot to talk about. This time images of his surf instructor’s arrival at the celebration were shown. Gorka Ezkurdia, with whom he has been linked in recent weeks in a possible romance with the Colombian. Even the Spanish press assures that she gave him a surfboard.

In the program “Come the Joy” He shared the first images of Shakira’s birthday celebration, a place where his family and friends went. However, what most attracted attention was the presence of Gorka Ezkurdia.

International media detailed that the surf expert was one of the guests at Shakira’s birthday party. In the images, Gorka Ezkurdia can be seen taking him to the vicinity of the singer’s house, but he did not dare to make any kind of statement.

Despite the insistence of the reporters, the instructor did not talk about any topic. The reports aired that, on the morning of February 2, The 46-year-old Colombian received a surfboard as a gift, which would have been sent to her by him.

It was a little less than a year ago when it was learned that Shakira and Gerard Piqué ended their relationship of more than 10 years. As the weeks went by, it was revealed that the former professional soccer player was unfaithful to the Colombian with the young model, Clara Chía.

In mid-2022, the South American confirmed that she was separating from the former professional soccer player, Gerard Piqué, with whom she spent the last 12 years of her life. During this time, the couple had two children. The news of their separation was confirmed through a statement.

After it was confirmed that the break was due to infidelity on the part of Piqué, the interpreter of “Monotonía” and “I congratulate you” She was romantically related to her surf instructor, Gorka Ezkurdia, who curiously was present at the birthday celebration.

After making their breakup official, the singer released three songs: “Monotonía”, “I congratulate you” and her recent collaboration with BZRP. All of them are dedicated to her now sentimental ex-partner.

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