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Shakira dances her song “Music sessions #53” with the choreography of the group Bella Dose

Shakira now wants the public to follow her choreography for the successful song directed at Gerad Piqué.

Photo: Luke Walker/Getty Images

The collaboration of Shakira with the Argentine producer Bizarrap “Music sessions #53” with letter addressed to Gerard Piqué has caused a sensation, and Now the Colombian seeks to impose a trend with the choreography of the pop group Bella Doseadapting it herself in a video that she posted on her Twitter account. instagram.

The message that Shakira he wrote next to his post was: “Loving your creations! I found this one from @belladose and I had to try it! @bizarrap” And so it was, because the singer loved the clip that the quartet published a few days ago on that social network, asking netizens to tag the artist.

In the meantime, Shakira’s official video clip with Bizarrap has more than 146 million views on YouTube. The song has already debuted on the charts worldwide, reaching number 1 in countries like Chile, Colombia, Panama and Spain.

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