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Shakira: Chef Yisus and Chef Claudia Sandoval offer to cook for you in Miami

Chef Claudia Sandoval and Chef Yisus Díaz want to cook for Shakira.

Photo: Despierta América/Master Chef / Courtesy

Yesterday we told you that Shakira discovered that her chef had given her up to go with Gerard Piqué and Clara Chíathat the information was given by ‘Despierta América’, and that Javier Ceriani from ‘Chisme No Like’ found him entering the couple’s apartment in Barcelona and interviewed him!

As is also known, Shakira will move back to Miami with her children, Milan and Sasha, and her parents.and what do you think? Chef Yisus from ‘Despierta América’ and Chef Claudia Sandoval from “Master Chef’ offer to cook for you.

Which are the requirements? Good seasoning, Latino as much as possible, that they cook healthy, rich and that they are willing to know those weaknesses that he uses as his allowances.

What does Shakira like to eat? Protein, vegetables, fruits… Make the dishes simple but not boring. And when it’s time to treat yourself, his weakness is everything that is based on chocolate in terms of sweetness; arepas, a typical dish from their land called ‘mojarra’, which is fried fish accompanied with patacones. He also likes Arabic and Italian food: pizza and pasta.

Seafood is his weakness and everything that comes from the sea. But they are also looking for someone who takes care of the balanced diet of their children and their parents, especially Don William, who requires food without salt but with taste.

Do Chef Yisus and Chef Sandoval qualify?

If the handsome man from ‘Despierta América’, has a daily workout on the Univision showLatin food is everyday, the arepas are what he grew up with because he is Venezuelan and is a specialist in sushi. The chocolate? There you will have to see how you are not tempted and eats it before Shakira, since sweets are the weakness of Yisus.

Chef Claudia Sandoval was not only the winner of the Anglo ‘Master Chef’, but she has been a judge of the culinary reality show in the Spanish version for years. His roots are Mexican, so of seasoning and Latin food knows a lot. In addition, he touched him all kinds of tests and pasta is usually highly praised by those who try it.

We don’t know if our TV chefs would really be willing to give up everything to cook for Shakira, but what we are sure is that they could at least help her Until I find someone to trust.



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