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Shakira brings out her clothing line inspired by her breakup with Piqué For the sore!

One of the most viral breakups this year was the one they faced Shakira Y Gerard Piquéwho a few months ago officially announced their breakup through social networks, asking for respect for their children, who have been the most affected by the separation of their parents.

Well, despite the fact that the footballer is already happy with a new partner, Shakira has tried to keep her children away from the media scandalonly this time he decided to take advantage of the controversy to make a convenient deal.

Well, as the interpreter of “Pies Descalzos” previously expressed for the magazine “Elle”, the way in which she managed to get out of this break was thanks to music, which was therapeutic for her and for her fans, who have found themselves in similar situations, well, who hasn’t had their hearts broken?

Only, on this occasion, the beautiful Colombian decided to take her inventiveness further and taking advantage of the success of her last two singles, dedicated precisely to her breakup with Piqué, she decided to launch a clothing line dedicated to these melodies, which has already It is available in your online store.

The prices of the merchandise that Shakira recently launched for sale range between 65 and 8 dollars, that is, between 1,284 and 158 Mexican pesos, The most expensive object being the official sweatshirt of the song “Monotonia” and the cheapest item being the pin dedicated to the same song.

Although there are also t-shirts and sweatshirts inspired by the iconic and catchy song “Te Felicito”, the same one that came to be classified as one of the most listened to in the week of its release, especially when speculation about the breakup of Shakira and Piqué was confirmed.

For now, some users of social networks have expressed their admiration for Shakira, whom they consider to be a businesswoman for knowing how to monetize a breakup that bled her heart, while there are also those who affirm that it is an excellent marketing strategy.

Although, for other users, this was to be expected, because with previous musical projects, Shakira has already launched merchandise dedicated to these projects, so it should not be considered as “revenge” or something particularly special, but as a normal action that many artists incur to give more publicity to their record material.

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