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Shakira and Piqué are still followers on Instagram and the ex-soccer player keeps their photos

The Colombian interpreter Shakira and the ex-soccer player Gerard Piqué are looking for a new owner for their house in Barcelona.

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The couple of the scandal, Shakira Y Pique They do not stop giving something to talk about, on this occasion the celebrities were discovered by Internet users, realizing that they continue to be mutual followers on networks.

Just as you read it, because despite the controversial song that the Colombian released in collaboration with the Argentine DJ and producer Bizarrap, The South American and the former Barcelona soccer player still follow each other on Instagram.

Something that has caught the attention of Internet users, since many would think that after the complicated separation, in the midst of rumors of infidelity, they would no longer have any relationship.

The native of Barranquilla, Colombia, premiered just a few days ago the song that caused controversy due to its lyrics in which stanzas are heard that refer to Piqué and his girlfriend Clara Chía. With whom the former player would have allegedly cheated on the interpreter, whom they have accused of being “hurt”.

But to the surprise of many, if the name of the other person is searched in the respective Instagram account, it is confirmed that even though their relationship has ended.

And of the constant conflicts they have faced, such as the custody of their children, Shakira and Piqué still follow each other on the popular platform where the singer has 80.5 million followerswhile the soccer player has 21.8 million fans.

“What for me was a catharsis and a relief, I never thought that I would reach number one in the world directly at 45 years old and in Spanish. I want to hug the millions of women who rise up against those who make us feel insignificant. Women who defend what they feel and think, and raise their hands when they disagree, even if others raise their eyebrows.


It is part of the text that the South American singer wrote to accompany a post after the release of “BZRP Music Sessions #53”.

Although the rumors of a break were given months before, it was not until June 2022 that they confirmed their separation.

However, for some time before they no longer shared photos together on Meta’s social network, in which Piqué still has the photos with his ex-partner, while Shakira no longer has images with him. The footballer’s last publication with the singer was in June 2021.

And on January 11, the singer of songs like “I congratulate you” and “Monotonía”, in which she had already revealed some details of the end of her relationship with the Spanish athlete.

He premiered his new song that soon rose to the top of the popularity charts, And in the midst of the controversy, many of the fans of the Colombian artist undertook the task of checking if she still had contact on social networks with her ex-partner..

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