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Shakira and Bizarrap receive a slap on the wrist from a famous watch brand and it’s not Rolex

Shakira in Lebanon in 2018.

Photo: Jamal Saidi for Reuters. /Getty Images

The latest song from Shakira It has brought various controversies. This time he received the least expected response from one of those involved in his letter.

In this melody in collaboration with the Argentine rapper and producer, Bizarrap, Shaki mentions two of the best known watches in the world, Rolex and CASIO.

On January 11, the collaboration of the interpreter from Barranquilla, Colombia premiered worldwide, however, In this melody, not only the Barcelona player was affected, but various hints are also made against Piqué’s new partner.

It has drawn attention that not only those involved romantically can be seen in this new Shakira melody, but also various brands.

Among them, the Casio watch, is appreciable in the song, this specifically because the singer expressed herself contemptuously of said company, also recognized for manufacturing calculators.

At “BZRP Music Session”, Shakira dedicates a verse of the song to compare herself with Clara Chía in an analogy of watches in which the mother of Sasha and Milán calls herself a Rolexa luxury watch brand, while Piqué’s new girlfriend is accused of being like a Casio, which he does in a derogatory way.

In this regard, Casio sent a message through their social networks where they spread the image of other world famous artists and proud to use the brand, this with the aim of demonstrating that the value of their products is quality and prestige.

Through various tweets, the brand of keyboards and calculators expressed surprise at Shakira’s “gratuitous attack” on them, However, the company has been in charge of using this advertising in the most positive way in its favor to remember that the products it makes will last a lifetime, as mentioned on the same social network.

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