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Shaking rugs at the window is a fine. Do you know how much?

It may even seem harmless to you, but shaking rugs at the window gives rise to a fine in several municipalities. See how much it can cost you.

Shaking rugs at the window it is a habit of many Portuguese people when they are cleaning the house. However, and depending on where you live, this is a gesture that can be very expensive.

The fines are not always the same, and it is also necessary to consider whether or not the perpetrator committed the act. On the other hand, if the prohibition is not foreseen in the municipal regulation, no fine can be imposed. For all these reasons, we have gathered the information that interests you in a single article.

Why is shaking rugs at the window a fine?

The act of shaking carpets at the window (and those who say carpets say towels, quilts or blankets) is fined because it is considered an act that is harmful to the hygiene of the streets and the well-being of the people who pass through them.

Imagine that you are calmly walking down the street and find yourself with leftover food on your head because a resident decided to shake his lunch towel at the window. You won’t like it, right? That’s why the Regulation of Solid Waste, Hygiene and Cleaning most municipalities prohibit this practice.

Besides rugs, what else can’t you shake?

The way in which the question is asked differs between municipalities, with some being more detailed and extensive than others. However, as a general rule, in addition to rugs, towels, quilts, blankets, cloths, clothes or any other object of the kind cannot be shaken.

Note that the act of “beating the rug” is also not allowed, that is, you cannot hit the fabric so that it releases the dust into the street.

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It’s my house, my window. Why can’t I?

Dust and rubbish will fall into a public space (in this case, the street) or worse, they will fall on objects belonging to third parties (such as cars) or even on clothes that neighbors put outside to dry. The house can even be yours, but if you harm other people, you can be penalized.

What happens if you do?

If you are caught by the police throwing the dust that comes out of the carpets into the street, you can prepare your wallet because you will most likely have to pay a fine for violating the rules of hygiene and cleanliness of public spaces.

How much is the fine for shaking rugs at the window?

First of all, know that only pay a fine for shaking rugs at the window if the Municipal Regulation of Solid Waste, Hygiene and Cleaning in your locality includes this penalty?? To find out for sure, consult the document on the website or in the archives of the City Council.

Among the municipalities that provide for a penalty for shaking carpets at the window, there is also no consensus on the values, which differ from case to case.

Below you will find a table with those who, at the time of publication of the article, had this information available online. Even if your municipality is not on the list, it is worth consulting the regulation directly, which in the meantime may have been changed or updated.

Fine amount by municipality

County fine
Águeda €50 to €1,000
Aguiar da Beira €158.75 to €635
Alenquer €75 to €1,250
almada €24.94 to €1,870.49
Amares Collection and cleaning price
Arches of Valdevez €127 to €635
arouca €50 to €125
apothecaries €63.5 to €635
Braga €49.88 to €635
Bragança €50 to €635
Carthage €49.88 to €498.80
Cascais €63.5 to €635
Castro Daire €50 to €500
Celorico da Beira €158.75 to €635
fafe €250 to €1,500
Figueira da Foz €49.88 to €249.40
Gois €250 to €1,500
Gondomar €125 to €500
grandola €250 to €1,500
guimaraes €63.5 to €635
Leiria €100 to €500
laurels €150 to €600
Board €2.50 to €50
flail €500 to €2,500
Matosinhos €63.5 to €6,350
Melgaço €50 to €635
Mertola €50 to €635
Miranda do Corvo €50 to €635
Mirandela €50 to €635
Monsoon €250 to €1,500
Monchique NA
Nazareth €249.40 to €2,493.99
in them €50 to €500
Oeiras €150 to €1,500
Ourem €25 to €1,870
Palmela €63.5 to €635
Walls €50 to €500
Walls of Coura €50 to €635
Bridge of Sor €25 to €3,500
Póvoa de Varzim €120 to €600
Praia da Vitória €63.5 to €635
Holy Cross €85.71 to €600
Santo Tirso €25 to €250
Sao Pedro do Sul €150 to €600
Seia €50 to €635
Seixal €24.94 to €1,870.49
tondela €49.88 to €600
Moncorvo Tower €50 to €635
trophy €25 to €250
Valencia €100 to €600
Valongo €25 to €250
Vila Nova de Famalicao €63.5 to €635
Vila Nova de Paiva €100 to €600
Green Ville €249.40 to €2,493.99
vineyards €50 to €635
Viseu €150 to €600

What to do if your neighbor shakes rugs outside the window

If your neighbor tends to throw clothes out of the window and it harms him in some way, it’s always better to try to sort things out in a good way. Look for him and tell him that you feel uncomfortable, in an attempt to reach an understanding.

If the neighbor does not show openness to cooperate, you can always consult the condominium regulations.

On the one hand, what is at stake is a disagreement between owners that has nothing to do with the common space, so the condominium administration does not have to intervene. On the other hand, if the condominium regulation has a specific paragraph that prohibits the act of shaking carpets at the window, there is a reason for the administration to intervene.

If none of the above approaches work, you can file a complaint with the Municipal Council or the Municipal Police in order to correct the problem.

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