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Shadow is near! Sonic 3 will be released in December 2024 • ENTER.CO

The Sonic franchise is one of those films that was sponsored not to go beyond the first… but which somehow now promises to accompany us for the rest of the decade. Paramount Pictures announced this week that Sonic 3 is scheduled to release on December 20, 2024.

At first glance, it might seem like SEGA’s fastest porcupine is taking its time getting to theaters. However, the most recent film was released this year and the first in 2019. So the correct warning is that the objects in this calendar can be seen further away than they really are.

The intent of a third Sonic movie was pretty clear. The most recent film ends with a post-credits scene that anticipates the arrival of Shadow, the dark (and edgy) version of Sonic. It also helps that Sonic 2 was one of the biggest box office hits this year with an opening weekend that grossed $72.1 million and ended up with close to $401 million (and we’re talking about the early days). post-COVID in which theater attendance was fearful).

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Aside from Shadow’s appearance, there is no guarantee who else may appear in Sonic 3. There are many doubts about a return of. Dr. Robotnic (Jim Carrey), mainly due to the statements of the actor in charge of the villain of wanting to ‘take a break’. It’s not that Sonic lacks villains or characters to introduce.

With this, the video game billboard looks quite interesting for years to come. We are awaiting the first preview of the Super Mario movie starring Chris Pratt and just yesterday we received the news of a live action project for Pacman. This, not to mention the movies and video game series intended for Streaming.

You can watch the two Sonic movies exclusively on Paramount Plus.

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