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Service Area Decoration

THE service area It is a space in the house where various household tasks can be carried out, especially those related to cleaning. For these and other reasons, this room in the house needs decoration that is more functional than aesthetic, capable of facilitating the daily lives of residents.

Service Area Decoration (Photo: Reproduction)

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Service Area Decoration

For a long time, laundries were decorated haphazardly, without concern for functional elements. They were basically spaces for carrying out certain tasks and rarely visited by visitors, which did not require a bespoke design suited to the needs. However, this concept has changed.

Today the service area appears as a furnished, modern and beautiful space. The room already has planned furniture to compose its decor, accessories and other structures that somehow contribute to its functionality. It is in the laundry room that residents find conditions for washing and ironing clothes, in addition to the space also serving to store cleaning products.

The decoration of the service area is important to maintain the organization (Photo: Disclosure)

How to decorate laundry?

The decoration of the service area depends on the size of the room, it is from these dimensions that the project will be drawn up. Planned laundry furniture works well in both large and small environments, with the ability to make the area more organized. Despite having a higher course, custom-made furniture promises to leave the laundry room with a sophisticated look and functional structure.

There are several ways to renew the look of the laundry room, making it more beautiful, charming and pleasant. First of all, residents need to choose the coating for the walls, preferably a neutral color so as not to get sick over time. Multipurpose furniture is welcome in the small leisure area, as is the case with the closet that serves to store cleaning products.

When the service area is integrated, it is important to maintain the organization with niches (Photo: Disclosure)

Integrated service area

In a simple decoration, the laundry requires a tank, shelves, closet, clotheslines, washing machine and an ironing board. Some service areas are integrated into kitchens, this usually happens in apartments and requires a type of decoration that enhances the combination of the two environments. The coexistence of kitchen and laundry side by side requires adaptations to create a charming and functional space.

Service Area Decoration

Use shelves for you to organize your laundry room. (Photo: reproduction)

THE planned laundry it is in some ways the perfect solution to household chores in a modern home. The room features custom-made furniture distributed in the space, including cabinets in the structure, a built-in ironing board with a sliding system, clothes rack, broom holders and large drawers. The planned laundry furniture needs to be adapted to the built-in appliances and the washing tank.

Planning at the time of decorate a service area it is fundamental for the assembly of a room that meets the needs of the family. Bet on the use of furniture in the laundry room, preferably pieces that solve decorating problems and simplify washing and ironing tasks. Closed shelves and cabinets are welcome to store products, tools and other items.

The accessories, such as the clothesline, are indispensable in the decoration (Photo: Disclosure)

accessories in decoration

The choice of clothesline is also an important issue in terms of laundry functionality. There are several types available on the market, and the adjustable ones are the most recommended for service areas that do not have outdoor space. Another concern that needs to be evident in the project concerns lighting resources, after all, it is not possible to carry out cleaning tasks in dark environments. A well located window that allows light to enter can be very useful in the room.

Check it out below photos of decorated service areas and have good ideas to plan the decoration of the laundry room:

Decoration for the service area (Photo: Disclosure)

Decoration for the service area (Photo: Disclosure)

Decoration for the service area (Photo: Disclosure)

Service Area Decoration

Use drawings to put on your wall and make your laundry room more lively and beautiful. (Photo: reproduction)

Service Area Decoration

Put a cheerful color in your service area. (Photo: reproduction)

Service Area Decoration

You can use panels to hang your utensils and not leave them unorganized. (Photo: reproduction)

Decoration for the service area (Photo: Disclosure)

I hope you enjoyed the decoration tips that we left for you. Continue blogging with us and enjoy many more tips on decorating your home or apartment.

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