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Series: most anticipated releases of the 1st half of 2023

When a new year begins, it’s time to keep an eye on what’s new on TV! New series begin to debut or gain release dates, while already known plots move forward with new seasons. Therefore, it is the chance to follow the continuation of the stories we love, with characters and plots we already know. In other words, we are ready for a 2023 full of fun. Check out five highly anticipated releases.

Loki premieres its second season on Disney+ (Photo: Handout/Disney)


Loki is back! The second season is almost ready to premiere and our hero will continue his adventure through the multiverse, facing more dangers in the Marvel universe. Get ready for more action!

The Mandalorian

The third season of the Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, is ready to launch! Everyone is looking forward to seeing what comes next with Pedro Pascal at the helm. We are ready for more adventures!


On February 9, the fourth season of “You” premiered. It will be released in two parts, with the second on March 9th. It will be an emotional moment for all the fans who are eagerly waiting for more of this series that tells the story of Joe and his troubled relationships with the women who cross his life. So, get ready to enjoy the fourth season of You, which promises more emotions, suspense and action.

The fourth season of You was released on February 9th and the second part will be on the next 9th (Photo: Netflix)


Yellowjackets was one of last year’s biggest hits and now it’s back with Season 2! The series promises to bring more terror and mystery, so we’re already looking forward to seeing what’s next!


The fourth season of “Succession”, an original HBO series, premieres in 2023 and promises more tension and drama in the lives of the Roys. Fans are already ready for another season.

In addition to these five great series, the year 2023 will still bring a lot of emotions in the steremings. Keep an eye out for more news.

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