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September Mercury Retrograde Approaching: How It Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

The month of September could not start more chaotic in terms of retrogrades, in addition to Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, very soon we will have the fearsome Mercury joining the party.

Mercury retrogrades are the most popular because of their bad reputation as they are known for causing confusion when it comes to communication, scheduling, travel and more.

Mercury retrograde will begin on September 9 in Libraair sign that governs the feeling of balance, societies and everything legal, and from September will enter Virgo, earth sign associated with organization and planning.

Due to the influence of both signs, it is probable that we face problems with past relationships, obstacles in legal negotiations, confusion to manage our time and frustrationaccording to astrologers in Bustle.

Mercury’s retrograde effects will begin to wane when this transit ends on October 2In the meantime and to be forewarned, here we tell you how it will affect your zodiac sign.

You may not be so impulsive and think things through before you do them. Unresolved conflicts from past relationships could resurface, and you’ll have a hard time getting back to your own rhythm later.

You will find complications in your schedules and routines, you can take advantage of this chaos to leave behind obligations that do not serve you or do not correspond to you. If you run into an ex from the past, you need to stand your ground and not give second chances.

Information and past problems of the family, love life and home will come to light. Although you may feel stuck, the reality is that you will be making progress because you will have the opportunity to heal old wounds.

You will feel some nostalgia because memories of people very close to you will return, which is why you could have passive-aggressive behavior. You will have to make an effort to be sincere and avoid harming others.

Leo’s social life will be affected under this retrograde due to the possible arrival of communication conflicts and errors in the logistics of the established plans. He’ll have to take confusing conversations, email problems, and budget mistakes in stride.

As Mercury is your ruling planet, your ability to analyze and pay attention to detail may be impaired. You can use this time to review your spending habits and assess what is worth investing in instead of wasting money.

It will be difficult to express your opinions and what you feel, as if that were not enough, what you say could be misunderstood. He will have to avoid worrying about what others think of him and be authentic. The basis is to rely on your diplomatic skills.

During Mercury retrograde it will be difficult to clearly interpret your intuition. You should not jump to conclusions, but think things through carefully and wait for your mind to clear up.

You’ll have trouble being clear and concise in your work, so you’ll need to stay out of office gossip and friendship circles. Silence will be his great ally during this retrograde.

It’s a good time to pause your work efforts and assess what you have in your hands. You can take advantage of this energy to analyze finished projects or those that you left unfinished.

You could face some delays in your itinerary, so you will have to consider some delays. If you stay home, now is the time to revisit old passions and pursue them.

Conversations could become confusing and make relationships difficult. Wounds from the past will open and sensitive memories will come out. Despite the dramatic outlook, there is a silver lining. She will be able to have the opportunity to heal and heal.

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