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Separate copied text from PDF documents

Users who want to copy and paste text from PDF documents may have noticed that the text in the destination document will have line breaks just like the original PDF document did. This is usually something you don’t want, and while it’s not a big deal to remove line breaks manually when short paragraphs have been pasted, it becomes more of a problem for longer texts.

Auto Unbreak is a small 22 Kilobyte utility that has a single purpose. It takes text from PDF documents and removes line breaks from that text before providing the user with an option to copy the newly formatted text to the clipboard again.

Auto Unbreak is a portable application that can be run from any location on a computer system. It ships with two files that define merge and exception rules that may be useful to users dealing with specifically formatted text.

unbreakable pdf

Rule files can be edited in all text editors. The developers home page has been suspended, please download the tool from this Link. It is temporarily hosted here on Ghacks until the developers announce their new website.

To update: It seems that the developer’s website will no longer work. The program, while still hosted on our servers, will eventually become incompatible with newer versions of the operating system.

An alternative is the Remove Line Breaks Online tool that you can use to remove line breaks, or line breaks and paragraph breaks from pasted text.

All you need to do is copy the text from the pdf document, paste the content from the clipboard into the form on the Text Fixer website, and click Remove Line Breaks to parse the pasted text and get a version without line breaks at the same page.

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