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Semmelcoffee – The drink for all semmel lovers

Semmel coffee

1 Drink

4 cl Irish whiskey, Tullamore DEW
about 3 teaspoons of brown sugar
2–2 ½ dl freshly brewed strong coffee

Roll cream

¾ cup whipped cream
½ krm freshly ground cardamom seeds
½ cream vanilla powder
2 tbsp finely grated almond pulp (easiest to grate cold from the fridge)

How to use:

1. Start with the pastry cream: Whip the cream loosely, it will be firmer when the almond mass
mixed in.
2. Mix in cardamom and vanilla. Finally, turn the almond mass over with a fork
distributes in the cream.
3. Heat the glass. Add brown sugar and pour on the whiskey. Pour in some hot coffee and stir
the sugar dissolves. Then pour in the rest of the coffee.
4. Top the coffee with whipped cream.

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