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Seer reveals that Christian Nodal and Cazzu will not marry or have children

Due to the notoriety achieved by the sentimental relationship between the singers Cazzu and Christian Nodal, several followers of the tarot reader and astrologer Viera Vidente asked her to consult the letters to discover what awaits the couple next year.

The woman of Dominican origin began her reading by noting that The singer of the regional Mexican genre still can’t overcome the pain caused by his failed romance with fellow singer Belinda.

“Despite having had a very positive year in professional and musical terms, Christian felt devastated in the parameters of love. We all know the idyll he lived with Belinda, that relationship gave him a lot of happiness while they lived it, but then it was the opposite, “he said.

Likewise, The seer made it clear that Nodal does not want to give himself completely to the Argentine Cazzu, as he fears being betrayed again. However, the letters show that he will have to face a new blow.

“Christian my love, if you were listening to me, I would tell you to be careful because they are going to do it again. In the workplace you will find success, you are going to make some very beautiful and important collaborations; on a personal level, be careful because something strong is coming to you“, stressed the tarot reader.

Apparently the destiny of the interpreter originally from Caborca, Sonora, is to remain alone because, although he will still remain with his current partner for a while, both will choose to separate their paths in 2024.

I see that next year, for the first eight months, they will continue their relationship, despite the rumors that are generated. Christian and Cazzu will face strong moments, but they will not give up. Nevertheless, already by 2024 they will be able to end their relationship“, mentioned the astrologer.

The reality is that Christian Nodal and Cazzu began their relationship last May and their idyll has not ceased to be questioned.

Several entertainment critics even suspect that it is all about an agreement between the two singers to boost their respective careers without involving any kind of love feeling, since the 23-year-old interpreter was very shaken by the way in which his romance with Belinda ended and the scandal generated.

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