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Seeds of abundance for 2023: what are they and how are they prepared?

One of the most popular traditions to receive the new year are the famous seeds of abundance, an amulet that according to popular wisdom serves to ensure prosperity. Custom indicates that they should be placed on a porcelain plate or a jar and put as a centerpiece during the New Year’s Eve dinner, but do you know which ones correspond to 2023?

According to Feng Shui experts, we must get 7 different seeds and prepare the amulet before January 1 arrivesWe must keep this throughout the year and change it on that same date because the same seeds do not bind fortune every year.

What are the seeds of abundance 2023?

Seeds are the main element for people’s diet. After a process of agriculture, they give us the food that we consume every day. For this reason, symbolize abundance and prosperity.

The ones we must have at home to receive 2023 are: chickpea, beans, corn, sunflower, rice, yellow millet and lentils.

How are the seeds of abundance prepared?

First we must get a glass jar in which we can see inside. If you wish, too you can do the ritual on a porcelain plate. Tie a red ribbon at the height of the lid, if it is a plate, make a bow and place it on top of all the seeds. This procedure is to protect us from envy, according to Gastrolabweb review in an article.

The second step is to put the seeds. Start with the chickpea, which will be the base or the bed. Then put the beans, followed by the corn, the sunflower, the rice, the millet and lastly the lentil.

Now close the jar with a lid or cork, while you do it, visualize how your economy prospers. You should place this amulet on the table where the New Year’s Eve dinner takes place and then keep it where you usually have money.

What to do with last year’s seeds of abundance?

If you are one of those who did this ritual in 2022, or in previous years, and you don’t know what to do with your seeds of abundance, it’s very simple. You should give them to other people, such as family and friends, to continue attracting prosperity. You can put them in little red bags and give them away as charms.

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