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See who can withdraw Emergency Aid this Friday

Payments for the 5th installment of Emergency Aid have come to an end, but the dates for withdrawing the amounts are available to MEI workers who were born in March. It was only possible to move the amount through the Caixa Tem application, such as, for example, paying bills or making online purchases.

These values ​​can vary from R$ 150.00 for one person, R$ 250.00 for more than two people and R$ 375.00 for mothers who are heads of household. Each payment refers to the month of birth of the worker as well as withdrawals.

What this article covers:

How many people receive Emergency Aid?

Compared to the year 2020 in which many workers received amounts of R$ 600.00 or R$ 300.00, in 2021 the government decided to change the number of people and the amount, that is, 45.6 million receive the Emergency Aid. This value is clearly lower than last year, since there were around 68.2 million beneficiaries.

Source/Reproduction: gov.br

Cuts in Emergency Aid had to be made to prevent many people from receiving it without needing it, since some family members had more than half a minimum wage. The amount required by DataPrev is only BRL 550.00, after this amount the MEI is no longer eligible.

Dates to withdraw the Emergency Aid

For informal workers born in January, February and March, they can start withdrawing the amounts received from the emergency program, but there are still other people waiting to be able to withdraw. See what the next dates are:

  • Born in April – September 6
  • Born in May – September 9
  • Born in June – September 10
  • Born in July – September 13th
  • Born in August – September 14
  • Born in September – September 15th
  • Born October – September 16
  • Born in November – September 17
  • December 20th – September 20th

Those who choose to transfer the money through the PIX will be able to withdraw the amount and use it in any way they prefer. Those who prefer to wait until the withdrawal date should pay attention to the available calendar.

The emergency program will continue until October 2021, when it will come to a definitive end. In order for families not to be abandoned, the federal government will launch the Auxílio Brasil program in November, but to be eligible, you must go to CadÚnico or CRAS closer and update your registration as soon as possible.

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