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This Friday, the 10th, payment for the Federal Government Junior Scientific Initiation Scholarship begins to be made. The payment is a supplementary resource to the Auxílio Brasil Program and the amount, of R$ 1,000.00, will benefit around three thousand students throughout the country.

What this article covers:

What is the Junior Scientific Initiation Scholarship program?

The program is a stimulus whose main objectives are to contribute to the development of potential in science, in addition to encouraging students to dedicate themselves to their studies. The idea is to promote the integration of these students into the school environment, by promoting their self-esteem and also their professionalization.

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Beneficiary students will receive, this December, the annual installment of R$ 1,000.00 and the first of twelve installments of R$ 100.00 that are also part of the aid. The remaining installments will be deposited over the coming months. The monthly amounts will be paid through the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) and the single installment of one thousand reais comes directly from the Ministry of Citizenship🇧🇷

What are the criteria for receiving the Junior Scientific Initiation Scholarship?

The students favored with the financial assistance of the Junior Scientific Initiation Scholarship are those who, necessarily, are part of families able to receive the Auxílio Brasil and who stood out in national competitions, of an academic and scientific nature, with themes of basic education.

The competitions that count towards receiving the scholarship are the following: Brazilian Astronomy Olympiad, Brazilian Robotics Olympiad, International Physics and Culture Olympiad, National Science Olympiad and National Applications Olympiad. All were held in 2020.

It is important to highlight that all these competitions received support, in some way, from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI).

How will the government pay the Junior Scientific Initiation Scholarship for Auxílio Brasil?

As already mentioned above, the Junior Scientific Initiation Scholarship will have a single annual payment (of R$ 1,000.00) and twelve installments of R$ 100.00. The amounts will be paid in the same way as the Auxílio Brasil, through credit in a digital account or by card. The statement with the payments will detail the amounts received and which programs they come from.

The single amount and the first of the twelve installments begin to be deposited this Friday, the 10th, for those whose Social Identification Number (NIS) ends in 1. For other cases, check the schedule below:

  • NIS number ending 2: December 13
  • NIS number ending 3: December 14
  • NIS number ending 4: December 15
  • NIS number ending 5: November 16
  • NIS number ending 6: December 17
  • NIS number ending 7: 20 December
  • NIS number ending 8: December 21
  • NIS number ending 9: December 22
  • NIS number ending 0: December 23

The Ministry of Citizenship emphasizes that the Junior Scientific Initiation Scholarship aims to give students who excelled in knowledge competitions the incentive they need to continue on this path and also to seek a better future for themselves and their families.

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