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See who can apply for a loan of up to 21 thousand at Bradesco

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of Microentrepreneurs has increased considerably in recent times. Therefore, Bradesco founded Oriented MicroCrédito, in the amount of up to 21 thousand reais, with the aim of helping small entrepreneurs to advance more and more in their own business.

In order to apply for MicroCrédito, the micro-enterprise must have a maximum income of 360,000 reais. If this requirement is met, the loan application can be made in person at agencies and banks, or virtually through the website.

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To have access to this loan, it is necessary for the micro-entrepreneur to present a proposal and wait for the bank’s approval, upon approval a MEI account will be created with the CNPJ??

Bradesco’s oriented MicroCrédito can be used to purchase the necessary equipment, purchase goods, carry out renovations, expand the business and also be used as working capital.

What this article covers:

How to acquire the CNPJ as an Individual Microentrepreneur?

To become an individual micro entrepreneur, it is essential to follow some requirements, they are:

  • Perform any of the activities that are allowed to the individual Microentrepreneur, present in Annex XI of CGSN Resolution No. 140;
  • The company must have an income of up to 81 thousand reais per year;
  • Only hiring one employee is allowed;
  • The entrepreneur cannot participate in another business or occupy any position in it;

Fulfilling all these requirements, just access the website of the Federal Government and fill in the form with the precise data. To carry out this step, the following documents are required: General registration, CPF, proof of residence, proof of company address, income tax return and prior consultation of approved location.

Other credits offered by Bradesco

Bradesco bank also offers other proposals for you who need loans in an amount greater than 21 thousand reais. Are they:

  • Acquisition of goods;
  • Agribusiness;
  • Sureties;
  • Working capital with a period of 120 days to start paying and 6 years to complete the payment;
  • Anticipation of what can be received before the amount acquired from sales;

Among other categories of loans.

Several credits have grace periods, also having the possibility of extensions.

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