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See what the MEI must do to stay up to date with the Federal Revenue

Initially, it is necessary to know that the Federal Revenue has set a deadline of September 30th for the MEI to be regularized. Debts from the last five years were not included in this list, since several workers suffered losses due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

After the month of October, the debts that remain open and that are listed directly in the DASN, and that have not yet been paid in installments, must be sent directly to the Attorney General of the National Treasury. That is, the debts become active and their SELIC rates will always be updated.

What this article covers:

All outstanding debts can be verified through the website Generator Program for the MEIand log in with the digital certificate, go to the Extract/Pending Query option, and then go to the SIMEI Pending Query.

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If there are debts, it will be necessary to print or save the document to pay it as quickly as possible. If, for some reason, the values ​​are extremely high, it will be possible to pay in installments through the website MEI or e-CAC portal??

How does MEI work?

MEI works as a simple company and is indicated to those people who work autonomously. From the moment this self-employed person starts to act as a MEI, he will have a CNPJ, in addition to being able to issue invoices and be entitled to all the benefits offered by Social Security.

How to register for MEI?

First, to become a MEI know that it is free and there is a correspondence of 50% of the companies that are open in the country. Registration can be done online through the government website. Register Microentrepreneurs??

It will only be necessary to inform some personal data such as voter registration, income tax return number, then you must fill in the MEI registration form. The other data are the usual ones and must be answered in any type of registration, in addition to obviously being necessary to have an account created on the site gov.br?? Registration is fast and very intuitive, in addition to offering security on the site throughout the process.

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