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See the values ​​and calendar for December of Aid Brazil 2021!

The new income transfer program Auxílio Brasil began to be paid and the proposal is to be able to pay the amount of R$400 in the month of December. The dates referring to the payment of amounts that follow the final NIS number of each beneficiary are now available online. Check it out below.

What this article covers:

Arriving at the second month: how is Auxilio Brasil going

The situation of the source of funding for the aid to Brazil remains uncertain. The new aid is still waiting for the approval of the Precatorios PEC to actually know if there will be a budget that will cover the payment of amounts promised by the government to thousands of families, such as the installments of R$400, which had not yet been confirmed because they claimed to be an amount high whose state would go into debt to pay.

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The good news is that the amounts of the Auxílio Brasil have already started to be paid, many families claim to receive the first installment in November, understood to be worth R$224. And in the month of December, the second month of the installments, the calendar was made available for beneficiaries to check the dates of receipt.

Calendar of the Aid Brazil released by the government

The calendar has been available since November, when the first installment was paid. This month, however, the values ​​will be different, due to the approval (not yet total) of the Precatories PEC, which had part of the text approved on 12/02 but returns for analysis in the chamber of parts that were changed in the text.

The proposal is to pay the R$400.

See the calendar, according to the final number of your NIS:

  • 1 → 10/12
  • 2 → 12/13
  • 3 → 12/14
  • 4 → 12/15
  • 5 → 12/16
  • 6 → 12/17
  • 7 → 12/20
  • 8 → 12/21
  • 9 → 12/22
  • 0 → 12/23

Auxilio Brasil: how to check if it has been approved

If you have already checked the requirements requested by the government, and want to know if your Auxílio Brasil has been approved or not, the government has developed a digital platform that allows you to check this in a practical and easy way, just install the new Auxílio Brasil application CASHIERenter your data and check the current status of your benefit

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