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The need for a credit card is currently very high, and with the large number of banks that offer it, it becomes even easier. What unfortunately happens is that many times people have a bad name, and in this situation, the options are limited for applying for a credit card without analysis.

Every credit card makes careful analyzes on the person’s name so that he can understand if it is possible to determine a limit for him, and what would be the appropriate amount for him. But for the happiness of the negative ones, there are payroll credit cards that do not evaluate their situation in the market.

What this article covers:

Is it possible to have a credit card without analysis?

Yes, it’s possible. As previously mentioned, there are payroll cards or so-called prepaid cards. These card types do not refer to your name when ordering. That’s because he doesn’t need this prior consultation, because who determines the limit imposed on him, is the person who puts money in it.

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It works by converting the amount placed into credit to be used as if it were a traditional credit card. As for the payroll, it is the delivery of a retirement, for example, and as soon as it is spent, it is already deducted from the amount that the person would receive in the month.

3 best credit card options without analysis

The unanalyzed cards are diverse, and a very extensive list would be written here, but we’ve filtered out the ones we think are best so you can do your own analysis and determine if it fits your personal taste.

Below you can see the three best credit cards without analysis in the current market in Brazil:

1 – Simple Box Card

This card is specifically intended for retirees and pensioners of the INSSunder the age of 75 who need greater convenience when shopping.

As it is a payroll card, the amount is always deducted from the retiree’s payroll. So, whenever you receive your pension, the amount spent on your credit card will be debited from the total amount.

2 – BMG MasterCard

This card is very popular, also with the consignment modality, it is accepted internationally and has no monthly or annual fee. What makes this option very interesting.

To apply for it, you must be qualified as a retiree or pensioner from the INSS, or be a public servant. This card is widely used by public servants, due to the practicality of its mobile application.

1 – Super Digital

The Super Digital card is the famous prepaid card, which exempts it from a prior credit analysis or any proof of income. It is very interesting for those who want to shop online faster and without bureaucracy.

Just generate a slip, or deposit it in your bank account and turn the amount into credit through the app itself. And with that you can buy in online stores, apps, etc.

Cards are a hand in the wheel when shopping, and with each passing day, people abandon physical cash more. And that can be a good consequence or a great vulnerability.

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