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The negative loan can be done online for those customers who have the CPF restricted, and in no way manage to get an extra amount to pay off all debts. It will be possible to find the best companies to carry out an online simulation and apply for your loan.

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Can I get online loan offers even negative?

The loan for negatives may seem complicated to apply for, however, there are currently sites that carry out this method online and without major bureaucracy. There are some companies in the area that help people whose CPF is restricted in the Serasato get an extra amount to be able to clear the name and use what’s left to buy other things.

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How to define the best online loan company?

Before actually applying for any loan, it is important to mention that serious companies do not charge any extra fees to deposit the amounts in your checking account. It is necessary to check about the company, to know the veracity of its work, security and other information that is necessary for you.

What are the best online loan options for negatives?

To get a really reliable company to carry out your loan, trust Geru, which is done completely online, from the simulation stage to the finalization of the contract. This company performs credit analyzes quickly, and if approved, the money will be released in about 1 business day.


Creditas will give you credit with the guarantee of any asset you own, in the case of a car, for example, in addition to looking for lower and more interesting rates. This company is in 2nd place on the lists of the best institutions for bad credit loans, in addition to having one of the best rates ranging from 12.50% to 60.78%.

Good for Credit

This company is another platform that works as a correspondent for around 30 other institutions. In this case, Bom Pra Crédito is simply an intermediary between banks and customers. They seek the main and best offers for a given customer profile, with a lower minimum rate of 9.38%.

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